Rachael and Tom learning how to curl. With Figure Skating Team Leader Lorrie Parker at practice.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The weather in Vancouver is so warm and sunny that many of the locals are saying it is fitting for the summer -- not winter Olympics. The pale, blue Vancouver skyline with the snow-capped peaks of the mountains as a backdrop is truly breathtaking.

With this kind of weather, it's hard to believe that the red, Canadian Olympic team mittens that Oprah Winfrey featured on her show are such a big hit that they have totally sold out. My wife is one of the women who are obsessed with having a pair so Frank and I went to the Olympic store to look for them. No such luck (although they had plenty of other things in the store, including get this -- condoms!). The salesperson said they had received a couple of shipments of the mittens already and each time they sold out. She was doubtful they would receive anymore. She jokingly offered to sell me her pair and said she hadn't worn them yet, but when I said I would buy them she changed her mind.

The other hot apparel item is the Ralph Lauren Polo cap from the US Olympic team opening ceremonies outfit. Frank told me that it is selling for $700 on e-bay. I have one of those. Are there any bidders out there?


  1. I'll start with $50. Any other bidders out there?

  2. I will see how high it goes...Mirai told me that they sell for as much as $900 now!