Rachael and Tom learning how to curl. With Figure Skating Team Leader Lorrie Parker at practice.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I think it was very fitting that I watched the closing ceremonies from the comfort of my living room. The past 16 days have been rewarding, exciting and transforming to say the least. I probably described it much more thoroughly and accurately in my other entries (Doing this last entry reminds me of how much I hated writing summary paragraphs at the end of a paper.)

Now I am back home. Back to the reality of everyday life. Back to work. Back to the task of helping figure skating athletes reach their dreams over another four year cycle...


  1. Tom, it has been a privilege reading your blog and hearing of your Olympic experience. I just want to let you know how insightful it was for those of us out there who hit the refresh button twice daily to see what you would post next. (Ok, so maybe I hit refresh three times daily...) Keep up the blog! It would be interesting to continue to hear your perspectives from time to time.

  2. Tom, I love this blog. I continue to hit refresh button tommorrow, and day after tommorrow....

  3. Thanks for writing back! I'd love to stay in touch if you ever find the time. I'm on Facebook as well. Best wishes my friend! -Mo