Rachael and Tom learning how to curl. With Figure Skating Team Leader Lorrie Parker at practice.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today was another work day for Rachael and I. Her first practice was once again at the unofficial rink. She will not be on official ice until Saturday, Feb. 20 after we get back to Vancouver.

After each practice session the skaters are required to spend time in what is called "the mix zone" talking to the press. If a skater does not want to talk to the media, then the coach lets Scottie Bibb from USFS know and she lets the media know. Striking the balance in this area is key and requires cooperation for the skater, coach, parent and agent. Aside from the mandatory first press conference, the only other press conferences take place after the short and long programs.

I went to my first non-figure skating event today. Rachael and I went to the Proctor and Gamble house (which is where the sponsors and guests of the sponsors meet and entertain the athletes, parents, coaches and their guests in order to promote their products at the Olympics) to meet up with her parents. When we got there, we had to go through security and check in before we received a tour. While we were getting a tour, we were offered tickets to the Women's 3000m Long Track Speed Skating event. Rachael's dad and I used the tickets and had a lot of fun taking the train to Richmond and figuring it all out.

After that excursion, I watched part of the pair's short program with Frank, Lori Nichol and Christy Krall before heading off the Rachael's second practice. Now it is time to pack before we head back to Colorado Springs tomorrow afternoon.

Question of the day: How many skaters does Canadian Lori Nichol choreograph for who are competing in Vancouver?

Answer to the question of the day: Besides Vancouver, events are being held in Whistler, Cypress and Richmond.

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